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Meatloaf Panini

what does one do with leftover meatloaf?!?!
make meatloaf panini of course!
We are obsessed with panini. We started off making them many years ago, when Chris bought a panini grill for Liza for Christmas 2004. We upgraded to a new panini grill in Jan 2008 when we were finally in our new house!

assembling the panini…. I start with a good bread, usually scali or country loaf something or other. spray the sides of the bread that will touch the grill with my olive oil misto (best thing ever!), heat up some leftover meatloaf in the microwave, put some BBQ sauce (sweet baby rays is the best!!!) on one side, then squish on some meatloaf, then some cheese, then put the top on and place on the grill!

our fabulous Cuisinart Griddler. this upgrade from our old one gave us the features we really really wanted – removable plates that can go in the dishwasher! makes making panini even that much easier. also it includes flat “griddle” plates for when you don’t want lines. you can even cook on this with it open all the way just as you would use a regular tabletop grill. great for anything you can possible imagine. how convenient!

All done!!! yummy!


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